Pharmacology is a branch of the pharmaceutical sciences considered the strength of character of rational drug
therapy. This includes a detailed study of drugs: their sources, uses, mechanisms, adverse effects and
interactions, metabolism, excretion, and contraindications.
A specialization in pharmacology (M.Pharmacy Course) involves the research, discovery, and characterization
of chemicals which show biological effects and the elucidation of their function at organ and cellular levels.
A pharmacologist is involved in kinetic and dynamics studies as well as toxicology, preclinical and clinical
studies of new drug molecules. 
The research is done with state-of-the-art equipment in facilitated laboratories with good technical support.
Faculty in the department present Guest lectures, seminars and Presentation for postgraduate students on the
mechanism of action, pharmacological and adverse effects of the drugs.
The Pharmacology Department develop a museum nearby animal House displays various original Specimens
samples and student made models system-wise as per the Human anatomy and pharmacology syllabus. The
students are expected to study the different organs displayed in the museum from time-to-time during the

Welcome Message from HOD :
It is my great delight to extend a warm welcome to Department of Pharmacology of Ashokrao Mane College
of Pharmacy, Peth- Vadgaon. The Department offers training in pharmacology and toxicology to M.
Pharmacology students which involves pre-clinical screening models of natural, synthetic drugs using animals.
We also train M. Pharmacology students to perform research in alternative to animal models for testing of
drugs, which enable them to acquire skills in research, regulatory, industrial as well as healthcare delivery. I
hope our department will provide you with sufficient information to meet your needs as well as introduce you to
our aspirations and achievements.
Strength of the Department:
 The Department of Pharmacology admits 15-16 postgraduate students per year on M. Pharmacy course.
We provide careful mentorship and skills development so that students can contribute at the frontiers of
Pharmacological research activities.
 Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff
 Department organizes various Seminars, Webinars, and Guest Lectures for constant upgrading of


 To acquire new knowledge in pharmacology, by conducting and promoting innovative researches to establish
efficacy, safety and effectiveness of medications in healthcare system.
 To create a center of excellence by building collaborations with industry and research institutions.
 To provide an integrated and rigorous coursework to fulfill the needs of Pharmaceutical industry and society.
1. The Postgraduate students will integrate basic Pharmacology knowledge and skills with
healthcare requirements of the society.
2. The students will have a comprehensive knowledge of designing, conducting, analysis,
reporting and documentation of the preclinical and clinical research.
3. The students will become competent by applying their technical, and leadership skills in
pharmaceutical research.