Anti Ragging Committee


Anti ragging cell

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Ragging is totally prohibited in the Ashokrao Mane college of Pharmacy Pethvadgaon, and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging, whether actively or passively, or being a part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with these Regulations as well as under the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force.

Antiragging  Committee 2023-2024

Sr. No. Name Description Designation Email id Contact No
1  Dr. S. V. Patil Head of Institution   Chairman 8956411555
2 Shri. Ayub Mulla Reprentative of the local media Member 9763717438
3 Ms.Archana H. Patil Police sub Inspector Member 9673588234
4  Adv. Ms. Megha R. Patil Representative of civil & police admin Member 9881471268
5  Mr. Kiran K. Patil Representative of Youth NGO Member 9890036777
6  Ms.Praanali P. Patil Representative of Faculty Member 9766671024
7 Mr. Sunil D. Chopade Representative of the Parent Member 9850683436
8 Ms. Shivani S. Patil Representative of Senior Student Member 7798080251
9 Mr. Shivraj A. Khavare Representative of Senior Student Member 8552091101
10 Mr. Kedar Sanjay Chopade F Y B Pharm student Member 7218060843
11 Ms. Akshata Sunil Patil F Y M Pharm student Member 7498918098
12 Mr. Prashant B. Patil Representative of Non-teaching staff Member 8888863206
13 Mr. Pramod B. Patil Representative of the Faculty Member 9595958969

Contact Number

Dr. S. V. Patil  – 8956411555

Ms. P. P. Patil- 9766671024

Help Line No: - 18001805522


Antiragging Squad Committee 2023-2024


Sr. No. Name Designation Email id Contact No.
1 Dr. S.V.Patil Chairman 8956411555
2 Mr. Pramod B. Patil Squad Leader 9595958969
3 Dr. Sandip A. Bandgar Member 86000079719
4 Mr. Rajnikant B. Ghotane Member 9096631656
5 Mr. Vikas R. Dhole Member 8668565599
6 Ms.Sarika S. Surywanshi Member 8600503621
7 Mr. Vikas M. Patil Member 9822591717